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About Larimar

Larissa was a nymph in Greek mythology, daughter of Pegasus, loved by Mercury. Larissa’s name was given to a moon of Neptune. Larissa, a cheerful, enchanting child loved by all!  

Mar is the sea, the calm, relaxing sounds of the sea on a sunset evening. What more appropriate than to give the name Larimar to a rare gemstone! When this rare gemstone is worn it creates a  relaxing, loving, cheerful, energizing spirit for the one fortunate enough to be adorned with It.

This exquisite gemstone was discovered in 1974 by Norman Rilling who was a member of the US Peace Corps. While visiting the Dominican Republic, Norman along with his friend, Miguel Mendez discovered this gemstone. Hence, the cherished stone was named Larimar in honour of Miguel’s precious daughter, Larissa. Mar, was added in honour of the blue seas of the Caribbean. Hence, this enchanting gemstone was named, Larimar.

Larimar is the blue variety of the mineral Pectolite. This irresistible gemstone is found in the Dominican Republic in limited deposits and is the only gemstone native to the entire Caribbean. The seas of the Caribbean are sea blue as is Larimar.

Close your eyes, envision clear, blue skies, blue seas and island breezes while we  embark on a Larimar journey!

Our journey begins…… What is Pectolite?

Pectolite is named after the Greek word, “pektos”, (firm and hard) and rightly so as this gemstone crystallizes as a fibrous, crystalline mass.  Larimar is a beautiful, ocean blue pectolite that is extremely rare. Larimar gets it’s unique blue colour as a result of copper substitution for calcium. The colour is rarely solid and it’s different shades of blue and green with rough circles and white lines, interconnected throughout the stones. Sometimes the patterns in the stone mimic the back of a turtle making Larimar known as “Turtleback”. The brighter the blue, the more rare the stone.

Although Pectolite is a hard, dense, firm stone it is luxurious, pleasing, soft and sensual to the touch. When caressing Larimar, all of the cares of the world dissolve into sheer pleasure for the moment. Whether it be a larimar ring, larimar necklace, larimar earrings or a larimar bracelet, merely adorning this gemstone and the ability to touch it brings inner peace and keeps hope alive!

Larimar is truly a gemstone to honour and behold!

Energy and Healing Properties of Larimar

Larimar will reenergize, relieve stress, bring mind, body and soul into a state of wellness through its healing properties. Crystals and gemstones were historically used in ancient times as medicines due to the powerful manner in which they released negative energies. Larimar possesses a flawless energy source.

Larimar is a spiritual gemstone which heals in ways that rejuvenate physical, emotional and mental well being. Peace, clarity and love radiate from this gemstone which  gives Larimar its medicinal qualities. Inner wisdom is facilitated by the heart, throat, third eye and

crown chakra which in turn also facilitates outer wisdom.

There is no doubt that the Inner core of the earth where Larimar is mined has bestowed the energizing and healing properties to its angelic realm.

Larimar’s Names

Larimar is also known by various names such as the Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, Atlantis Stone, and Stefilia's Stone.

This Stefilia’s Stone is a rare stone found in the Barahona Mountains in the Dominican Republic and it is the only place in the world where Stefilia’s Stone can be found.

Volcanoes erupted many years ago in the Dominican Republic, hot lava flowed, receded and as a result crystallized minerals filled the crevices. Volcanic copper deposits along with the crystallized minerals turned into this rare blue gemstone.

Another name for Larimar is, The Blue Stone of Atlantis or commonly known as Atlantis Stone. The lost city of Atlantis and the volcanic creation of Larimar are considered to be unified events.  It is acknowledged by many who recognize these dual events to comprehend the knowledge lost of Atlantis and the healing powers gained through the creation of Larimar.

Dolphin Stone is yet another name for Larimar. Larimar was created through volcanic activity but has a base water element to it. Dolphins are associated with the Lost City of Atlantis as these creatures have the ability to communicate on a higher frequency level. It has been said that if one walks on the beach near the sea, wearing Larimar, dolphins will surface and swim alongside. Larimar’s energy is truly magical.

Main Source of Income Larimar Stone

The  mining of Larimar in the Barahona Mountains of the Dominican Republic is a labour intensive, dangerous and difficult job. The Barahona Mountains are not easily accessible as the area is prone to hurricane activity and sometimes closed for 5 months of the year. The best quality of Larimar is found 100 feet below the surface in small veins. When the Larimar is finally extracted it must be cut and graded which makes the whole process of bringing this gemstone to the market a very labour intensive venture. It is no wonder that Larimar is indeed a rare and precious gemstone. The privilege of owing Larimar is strictly due to the men who work in the underground mines. These miners work deep into the earth’s crust and they come from impoverished regions. The sale of Larimar is what gives the miners and their families the income needed to survive.

Local Artisans

Once the Larimar has been mined and graded the next step becomes the creativity and hard work of the local artisans who turn this rare gemstone into various types of jewellery. These local artisans handcraft and create each individual, one of a kind piece of magnificent jewellery. The artisans cut, shape and polish the stone into unique shapes and sizes to create various pieces. Both young and old artisans have studied and taken courses to learn how to handcraft. The artisans look to the sea and nature for inspiration in the quest to turn the gemstone into unique pieces. It is through the dedication and commitment of the miners and artisans that many people worldwide are able to own a piece of Larimar. The sale of Larimar jewellery keeps this facet of the Dominican economy thriving keeping families feed, sheltered and afloat.


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